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A few days ago, NUST faculty and staff visited the FLOOD EFFECTED AREAS in NAWSHERA & RISALPUR. The situation is really devastating and FLOOD EFFECTEES really need our help. We can help them in many ways but the simplest way possible is to deposit the amount you want to contribute in SMME RECURRING FUND and send the …BANK DRAFT/CHEQUE to ” DR. RIAZ AHMAD, HOD SMME NUST, SECTOR H12, ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN”. Also send an email mentioning how much amount you contributed in this Nobel Cause to

so that RECEIPT can be issued. Your small act of kindness can make the difference in the lives of completely ruined families & individuals. Please spread the word and contribute in this NOBLE CAUSE the way you are supposed to contribute –



For more info, contact HOD SMME

Dr Riaz Ahmad

Omer Abdur Rehman Khan,currently doing BE Mechanical Engineering from School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, SMME NUST H-12. My interests are Net Surfing, E-gaming, playing guitar, singing, writing articles and socializing.

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