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NUST Organises A Relief Camp For The Inauspicious Flood Victims


The recent floods in Pakistan have wreaked havoc in the northeren and now in the southeren parts of Pakistan. According to news agencies, these are the worst floods to have hit this region in the last 80 years. With more than 3.2 million people affected and atleast 1500 dead in the wake of this tragedy, this is no doubt one of the worst natural occuring disasters in the history of Pakistan.

While the government and military are carrying on with their valiant efforts to salvage human lives,  NUST has organised an elaborate mechanism to aid the relief operation carried out for the unfortunate people in the devastated areas. The relief camp will operate through out the month of ramazan, and will strive to reach out for the affected people by delivering them food, clothing, medicine and dispense hope to the perplexed and agonised survivors.

Today, around 22 members of faculty and students of  different H-12 campuses (including SMME, SEECS, IGIS, SCEE) made their way to MCE Risalpur where they were briefed by Col. Zubair on the rescue operation that was carried by the army in the distressed regions of Nowshehra and Risalpur. He explained the situation and further problems faced in these areas. The most grim problem posed by the floods in the relief operation in these areas is the risk of dieseases and outbreak of deadly pandemics because of the decomposition of the dead bodies and cattle that were swept away during the floods. He also notified the the students and the faculty of the things that are required urgently in these areas for quick releif .

NUST responded the call with the supply of clean botteld water, cartons of milk and “emergency aid packages”. These packages consist of biscuits, a bottle of clean water, glucose and medicines that can be required by the survivors. 

There was a small fund raising event which took place in SMME today. But the objectives were not fully met because of the un-availablity of the students. It is stressed that without the support of the family of NUST students, the objectives of the flood relief camp will not be met.

There will be fund raising events in all the constituent colleges of NUST, over the period the relief camp will operate. It is requested that all students and faculty members take part in this noble cause whole-heartedly and sincerely.  As of now, a handsome amount is required to be submitted for the relief operation by MONDAY.

The urgently required items are :

-Cash ( preffered, as it can be utilized according to the need at the moment. No one is required to donate a huge sum of money,even a little bit counts )

-Dry food items ( dried milk, biscuits, tea somethig that can be stored for a long time, and can be transpoted easily)

-Life Saving Drugs (or any medicine that can be used by the people in the current situation, pain killers, anti-septics, cough and cold syrups and medicines, dis-infectents and anti-biotics )

-Bottled Water

-Clothes ( got any clothes that dont fit you any more? or you havent worn them for a long time, PLEASE DONATE instead of throwing them away)

You can contact the NUST FLOOD RELIEF OFFICE at the HBL bank, NUST Branch in H-12, in order to donate.

And for all readers, PLEASE FORWARD THIS MESSAGE, among your friend circle, on facebook, or any other possible way you can think of.

I hope my words have spoken.

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