Campus Politics: Boon or Bane?

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The sheer absence of campus politics at the leading universities of Pakistan is considered by many to be a blessing. But looking at the current leadership vacuum in our country one wonders whether the absence of student unions in reputed universities is denying our future leaders a stepping stone.

Practicing and discussing politics is discouraged at all levels in various prestigious academic organizations of the country. The main reason behind such restrictions is to maintain an iron fist rule over the subjects. This point seems valid keeping in view the pathetic discipline at various institutions including Punjab University, Karachi University and some UET campuses. All these universities are the cases of student unions turning into a powerful mafia. Such students have done a great disservice to the nation by tarnishing the image of student unions and exploiting campus politics for ulterior motives.

But in a bid to prevent such crisis other universities decided to completely uproot student unions rather than trying to fill the loopholes in the system. This action has alienated young Pakistani students from the leadership scene of this country. While the honest and patriot youth works diligently in academic field, a feudal ignorant breed of rascals rule the roost in the power corridors making decisions that will effect the destiny of millions of Pakistanis.

Every year bright students come and go through various educational institutes without giving a thought to the national issues eating the nation from within. We are not encouraged to debate the issues facing the country and finding the solutions. In doing so the best minds of the nation are kept busy in their studies while the illiterate and mighty loot and plunder fearlessly. The absence of educated youth in our political landscape has resulted in stagnation of leadership turning democracy into a turn based game between feudal dynasties.

The Youth Parliament is a great initiative and a glowing example that the youth of our nation is ready to take the reins of the country. But this platform is limited to a handful of students from all over the country. Such opportunities should be made available to all the students to allow development of leadership skills and debate the burning issues facing us today.

I believe that students should be encouraged to discuss and debate the various challenges faced by Pakistan and criticize the leadership deficits. Student Unions should be revived with improved working model since these serve as a launch pad for the future leaders. Producing good engineers and doctors might be the primary role of the institutions but providing honest and educated leaders to the nation will be an invaluable service to a helpless country on the brink of disaster.

The writer is a casual blogger and student of UG Civil Engineering at School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, NUST, H-12 Campus Islamabad.

11 Comments to Campus Politics: Boon or Bane?

  1. Masab Ahmad

    politics is a good thing…but our nation is such that feuds and scuffles arise over petty issues…so politics isnt best at this stage to be implemented in universities…

  2. Adnan Saleem

    well i really think that dere should be student unions in the universities not like in Punjab universities so that we can have leaders for future not just the bright people but with just degrees in their hands and searching jobs thats all….this ban on universities is a discouragement we are not then learning how to raise our voice against injustice and on national issues..we should think about it…we should do something more rather than just writing articles and commenting(like me)

  3. I am surprised that good students like yourself actually support the idea of student unions. A University is a place where people go to learn, research, collaborate with other minds on their topic of interest, delve deep into their subjects and emerge as enlightened individuals with minds molded based on their area of study/work. Politics only creates a hindrance. And those who are interested in this useless practice also create a problem for those who are serious about their work, and their future.

    The people involved in student unions in Universities create problems for others in their professional lives too. Their only purpose is to create differences, enmities, and disorder. At least sacred learning places like Universities should be spared of ignoble politics.

  4. My friend where do you think these proposed student unions will get their inspiration from, if they are given the freedom to waste their time? There are far better ways to learn valuable leadership skills in a University. It's disturbing to read that a student proposes the setting up of student unions as a means of imparting leadership and other skills.

  5. Bilal Khalid

    Well Farhan I am surprised at your limited definition of university. There is something called co-curricular activities which are to develop crucial skills of students other than education. Student Unions are present in all leading universities of the world including Ivy League and students are encouraged to participate in them. If our students can waste hours on facebook and other useless stuff daily then spending that time in a productive activity will be a much better option.

  6. Masab Ahmad

    Politics maybe implemented in NUST…as long as they increase the fines to keep the student unions under control:P

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