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Thrill of adventure and love of nature always pushes us to explore remote and far-flung areas and to find new destinations. To face the hardships of such kind of experience and in order to quench the thirst, there are several activities in the world, which can be included in the category of adventure. Adventure enhances the skills of self confidence and self reliance, cooperation, devotion, decision making and also provokes awareness about environment and its conservation.

For students of NUST who are interested in such activities, there is NUST Adventure Club. The NUST Adventure Club offers positive and safe extracurricular activity that is both exciting and challenging. The club provides pupils with practical skills and knowledge in outdoor quests. The club aims to enhance the interest of young pupils in adventure sports.

NUST Adventure Club is a platform for the students to fulfill their extra-curricular endeavors. The club is responsible for arranging adventurous events for the students. Students will be running the club under the supervision of faculty and with the assistance of administration.

All sorts of events related to adventure fall under NUST Adventure Club. The club will manage and arrange all the required needs of students and will be responsible for planning events, checking feasibility, financial arrangements and logistical support. Adventure club will offer a diverse range of activities that will accommodate all ability levels. The society will cater to all Constituent schools of NUST.

Activities included
• Walks
• Hiking
• Trekking
• Rock Climbing/Wall Climbing
• Camping
• Jeep Safari

The Club welcomes students from all schools to participate in our adventure activities…..Membership opening Soon!


11 Comments to NUST Adventure Club

  1. Mahwish Bukhari

    you know im already IN….:P….! so why make me read and comment on this post???!!!…:D..why oh whyyyy???!!!!..:p..:D

  2. Anam Rathor

    Memberships will open as soon as Uni openz nxt month….

    Adventure Club iz only 4 current students not 4 Alumini!

    @ mahwish…. Yeah rite! ! ! 😛

  3. Yasir Javed

    Finally something adventurous to look forward to . Count me in already ! can't wait to go trekking 🙂

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