We make the Metals Fly!!!

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Soon enough the heavenly bliss of short lived Happiness of the aeronautical engineers in process will be over.It may come as a suprise  for many people that while other NUST institutions enjoy holidays, we the aeronautical engineers are just beginning with our new semesters . But the brighter side is that  we manage and this time also will manage to start the next semester before many of NUST’s other constituent colleges.

Just after the end of so called holidays CAE will be back on track. The heat of Risalpur and endless announcements of One Hours will certainly  cause many students to lose their apetite and sleep.The instructors with their usual welcome that we must have enjoyed our holidays and its time to start working lecture will be harbingers of panic for all ‘thetas’ and ordinary people alike .The labs will no more be gaming cafes but will be over flowing with working projects starting from the  younger lot  to the students from the final semester who are pursuing their projects.The state of enjoyment will be replaced by the air of seriousness. Insomnia will be a common condition of the students.The occasional bliss of NEST cafeteria will certainly make the students forget their worries for a while at least.

To survive in CAE is not an easy task, as it boasts of a graduating percantage of 66% , but even those who survive go through the biggest turmoils of their life in doing so.But there are occasional respites too in such jam packed routines and people finally live through it.

Finally, Best Luck to all who are coming back to CAE and best wishes to all those who are enjoying their holidays.

But remember it is “We who make the Metals Fly!!!

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  1. CAE is truel HELL on EARTH. I really apriciate those who has survived CAE, btw thumbs up for Ali

  2. What?? Is it so?
    I was just thinking of joining it..I had 997 marks in f.sc and m dying for CAE.
    U make me afraid friend! 😛

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