iR Senior and its my time to rag shag

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So we are through with our first year at College of EME NUST. Most students who came here were pretty much unaware of the army code of conduct and the dreaded treatment that is given to freshmen.

Although most were prepared to deal with the ragging they had heard about from students of other universities, a senior shouting “chin up” an inch from your ear as if u were hearing impaired, or asking u to “get down on your hands and give me 50” as if it were an army boot camp was not what most De 31 students were expecting. Shifting from “bhai” to “Sir” took some effort and a few high pitched shouts from seniors. It wasn’t long before most of us realized that seniors get  priority in most affairs.

And now that our first year is over, it is finally time for us to assume the role of a senior… a “sir”, those mean people at school who make sure that your life is hell. Like most of my degree mates, I can’t wait to welcome the new degree …. as a senior. 🙂

Currently doing Electrical engg. from EME college. I will be keeping u posted about happenings in my campus.For any queries about eme u can ask me on facebuk... or email

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  1. Oh! I didn’t know there’s a uniform for EME students! Is there a uniform for post-graduate students too?

  2. Oh that’s quite shameful. I wonder why juniors comply to the absurd things they are asked to do, things which go beyond the limits. They have the right to defend themselves by any means, either by proper channel through authorities, or with on-the-spot physical force, which ofcourse would be the last resort if the seniors do not comply.

    Junaid, can you provide some links so that your statement can be considered authentic? Thanks.

  3. Junaid Waheed

    with due respect to all the fellows of EME, I have found out on international blogs that they don't consider NUST comparable to other international universities of the world because of unfriendly behavior of students of its campuses especially of military colleges.

    so guys do enjoy being senior and rag your juniors, but within your limits. you have not purchased them and they have a self-respect as well.

  4. yeah junaid.. plz provide some links

    and to mention the ragging is the shameful tradition of the western military institutes,,and the western ppl take pride in their standards
    plus the level of ragging is lowering down each year due to some efforts of college authorities and one most Important thing is that EME does not entertain any FOOLING thing which is practiced brutally in all other institutes (i would not mention names) the mew comers are forced to do acts of obscenity eg removing clothes and dancing like that…. no one grabs any money from them and no touching is also part of the tradition
    so all the fooling guys plz watch yourselves first!!

  5. (Above comment corrected)
    I didnt face trouble with Seniors. All u needed to do was to look a bit stern, and keep your ID card inside the pocket and behave like a senior, then stare the juniors unless they wished you ‘Assalam-o-Alaikum Sir’. I am a DE-31 Student…Don’t think i wud have to rag juniors because i don’t take revenge for things i didn’t suffer…

  6. I didnt face trouble with juniors. All u needed to do was to look a bit stern, and keep your ID card inside the pocket and behave like a senior, then stare the juniors unless they wished you 'Assalam-o-Alaikum Sir'. I am a DE-31 Student…Don't think i wud have to rag juniors because i don't take revenge for things i don't suffer…

  7. Anas Malik

    hey everybody…………The official ragging is only for the Gentlemen Cadets studying over there……. Rest the nust students dont have to do anything if they have enough courage to tell their seniors that its not on……..the picture you have seen above is of Gentlemen Cadets too standing in a fall in…… relax guys…….and NUST is at 370 something standing internationally….go check it out at times higher education council which is the most authentic and acceptable rating……..

  8. Junaid seriously dude! there are no such blogs 🙂 anyway its fun to have those days. The ragging isnt that serious take it as fun you ll like it. it lasts for couple of days only. It ll help you integrate with the seniors and the best part is next year you ll be marching buch of zero cuts!

    PS: standing up to seniors wont be taken as courage as it ll not help you when things get normal, when others will be laughing along with the seniors over the memories of those old days.

  9. Do all girls have uniform? Because a couple of campus pictures that I saw, some weren’t wearing uniform? And is head covering compulsory?

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