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Sleepless nights in hot are really unkind for me, busy in thoughts and abusing WAPDA, yesterday night, I just imagined What if really, I were the rector of National University of Sciences and Technology? LOL. 1st reaction was a laugh, then, I realized, I should think what if it really happens?

Starting the day with Mercedes car, I use to order my driver to take me to the University at 10am, after a full fledge breakfast. Doing some office work in air conditioned room, and completing the remaining hours of sleepless night on the spongy foamed bed in my office, attending meeting with Pro RectorS, and reading up some applications and deleting up emails of students from my inbox, a jam-packed lunch at my lunch room and ending of day with a bachelor party with my friends at Gelato or any way around :). It would be a perfect life for me to pass with my driver, cook, friends (no one else please).

LOL. Getting serious to the topic, I had realized that there are number of things in the University that need to be seriously addressed, the 1st and foremost thing about the University, I do is:

  • Decrease the number of offices with officers at the HQ. None of any University has that number of Pro-Rectors that our University have.

The other thing I would have done, if I were Rector of University are:

  • An open court session twice in a week with one complaint box placed at the entrance of my office. (I would use to read and address them too)
  • Daily lunch schedule with students with distributed days; mess, central cafe etc.
  • Unannounced and Unexpected visits at different departments of Head Quarter with suspension letters (I am really tired up to see the head quarter officers watching live stream movies on wireless LAN as a student)
  • Setting up International level dress code at University (Shorts allow)
  • Instead of increasing students fee, decreasing the salary of faculty and Head Quarter officers, so that poor students don’t hesitate to apply.
  • Unexpected visits to any room of the hostel (including warden) any time with suspension letters.
  • Installing secret cameras in the Hostels.
  • Centralized bus system of University.
  • Setting up a standard for teachers’ salary. (some take too much, some way less at same level)

I know, it’s easy to do say all such stuff at internet, and way difficult to do on ground. I understand the position of a Rector of University too. But there are number of expectations from all the students with you Sir. There are number of issues of students and faculty that require your attention; you will see some of those below in comments too.

Note: The idea of publishing this post was not to target any personality; publishing it just to seek attention of authorities

You can share your problems in comments as if i am the rector 🙂

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7 Comments to If I were the rector of NUST

  1. Umar Shairf

    *Starting the day with Mercedes car, I use …..perfect life for me to pass with my driver, cook, friends (no one else please).*
    I liked this part 😛

  2. Rabia Abas Malik

    I like the part of those unexpected visits to any room of the hostel, and obviously I’d love to see anyone with authority eating casually in cafe’ ( that sick burger :/), it’s not at all easy, agreed, but at least something should be done about it all :/ ..how about hiring some people who are actually awake (during the daylight hours at least :p) in the financial department?.. GAWD! they sooo added extra sum in my fee bill, and thn after the correction and all, next fee bill came… and BAM, double the money! 😛

  3. haha..loved it..specially the raids and the suspension letters lolz
    well mr. supposed-rector plz do sumfin abt the internal bus system.

    its a greater pain when “certain girls” get lifts and i get to walk in heat all the way to the gate.

  4. Junaid Waheed

    i think the idea of visiting hostel rooms and installing cameras is just not up to that “international standard”.
    allowing shorts in campus and on the other side more strictness in hostel?
    but the idea of open court session and lunch with students is really admirable.

  5. Farooq Saeed

    i like it except for the hostel part. visit warden's room as much as the rector's like but other then that absolutely NO NO and NO

  6. The mentioned ideas are very nice except

    Installing cameras in Hostel because students should have some privacy and it is not followed in international universities.
    Allowing shorts because it will be a little on the unethical side in Pakistan although internationally it is accepted.

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