“The First Year at SCME”

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Chimaera – SCME Student Magazine Issue 1, Volume 1

Osama is a junior ChemE at School of Chemical and Materials Engineering (SCME), NUST. He finds enthusiasm, dedication and hard work as his friends in his journey as a life-long learner. Aimed for a change in his surroundings, his interests lies in research, education, management, literature and blogging. He could be reached at osama_hasan@hotmail.com

21 Comments to “The First Year at SCME”

  1. whoa. great job!

    but people!! NIT is the farthest from the cafe!! i DONT like when everybody else says its far! humari socho yaar!

  2. Well, I hope there are so good sides of SCME too since I would soon be started by Postgraduate classes there! 🙂 Very nice illustrations by the way.

  3. Oops, wrong engliss 😛 I meant to say that "I would soon be starting my postgraduate classes in materials science" there.

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