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Does anybody remember the famous “paanch choohay” poem we all knew so well in our childhood?

With a little modification the idea was brought back to NUST FATIMA HOSTELS ,Block 2 (that’s where I live by the way)


Well the Wednesday evening had periodic screaming from different floors when a few SEECS girls saw seven mice running from floor 3to 2. In their expedition to capture them on video they caused the mice to panic and scatter into the whole block

After the initial nuisance….Stories from the second floor include a girl going to throw garbage into bin and being welcomed by no less than 4 mice escaping from the bin.

SCEE girls went to take refuge into the T.V room when a mouse entered room no 221 (BIT 11 student)


Although the report sounds pretty comical but this is a serious issue –our mess has mice ,even the food storage and now the rooms!!! God forbid afew dead mice and we could get plague.Where are the NUST standards now??

The original habitat of these mice is the space that leads to the roof (for the hostel administration if they wish to fix the problem)

The matter was reported to hostel warden .lets hope they do something about it before (God forbid) we encounter a serious issue.

(in the making of the report the writer encountered a mouse on the dustbin —that ran and collided with the sofa I was standing on!!! Wait till I get my hands on those SEECS girls lolz 😛 :P)


aman gujjar

28 Comments to “SAAT CHOOHAY”

  1. Muhammad Bilal Khan

    some of the scorpions took their way to boys' hostel but mice probably knew they have no scope in boys hostel 😀 😀

    as long as u girls r enjoying their company like this there's nothing wrong in having them with u 😛

    • aman gujjar

      i dun mind keepin them as long as they're alive…but if u check the video u'll see that other girls dont really agree with me 😀

  2. Muhammad Bilal Khan

    properly feed them,then I dun doubt they'll die 😛

    I hear them screaming and they scream the same way when they c a celebrity 😀 so get back to them to check their intentions & convince them 😉

    • aman gujjar

      whoa! so much support for mice….the admin shud gift the mice to rumi hostel residents
      nai? :P?

  3. Muhammad Bilal Khan

    na na v r happy with scorpions,I mean atleast living with them is challenging 😮
    I think mice r having fun with u people vich v can't offer 😀

    • aman gujjar

      trust me mice are no less a challenge if they get into ur room 😛
      u sure u tawkin bout fun for mice and nawt for urslv? lol

  4. Usman Zafar

    A very intersecting report ! The issue will probably get resolved since you have raised it and since its the "girls" hostel.

    If it makes you feel any better , I have a snake in my room .

  5. @usman
    i’ll neva b able to decipher the meaning ov word intersecting the way u use it
    snake? wow which one?

    its in the end

    • aman gujjar

      haha….and whoz goin to catch em?!!

      we can always guess
      yeah….ryyyyyt 😛

  6. rabia shakeel

    why not make these "7 chohay" our pets… this way we can make them work just as cindrella did. :p

  7. THANKGOD…v r gonna hv a long semester break…n thoz who intended 2 b here…kindly get this issue resolved b4 v rejoin… 🙂

  8. blue moon

    Imagine lizards crawling on floor,mice running in n out of d sofas in d corridoors,wasps in d windows n washrooms,
    G…u r rite..its all abt fatima Hstlz…n gud news for d ppl going on long vacations dey l b welcomed by a full ecosystem in deir room wen dey come bk…:)
    GUd lord…wt r v paying for in here??
    Dese live videos of mice n rats..????

  9. Well the issue is serious and the problem is that they are increasing in number day by day!!! 🙁

  10. blue moon

    @sanillah…u cnt imagine wt a saw wen coming up d staircase yesternite…a train of choohas running below d sofas…u still want more….???

    Dey r all double belly choohas dunni hw de manage to climb stair wd ds huge size n weight…:((

  11. Yar that scorpian thing was really bad…….

    I am afraid sm1 in hostel (God forbids) is going to get bitten by a snake…… ;-(

  12. guess wot
    the warden asked for evidences of rat infestation in the hostel.(pictures/videos etc)
    she said the higher admin wont listen to her if we dont prove it.
    plus the only change that can take place is that they’re gonna get rid of the sofas.
    so now…when the mice will have no where else to hide….

  13. Junaid Waheed

    girlz, you are just afriad of mice?

    it is surely a serious issue.

    but, i guess residents of fatima & rumi hostels are not aware of condition of isra apartments.

    isra apartments are REAL SAFARI PARKS. we have mice, garden snake and 4 inches long yellow spiders here.

    we have been killing those mice for 1 year, killed a spider last week & a friend of us caught a garden snake during final exams.

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