Its Cafe Again – Promotion? Ehh!!

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A Campus without a good cafeteria is a barren one. It is as important for students as eyes for a blind, blood for vampire and probably Laila for Majnu. Alternatively u can say that university life without café is similar to sun without sunlight, flower without fragrance, pizza without sauce and Bahhu without a Saas…

What comes in your mind when you think of a place in H-12 where hundreds of students are being served daily with SO MANY edibles at REASONABLE prices..??? The answer could be none other than NBS cafeteria, especially LIKED by the students because of the splendid TASTE and QUALITY of food served, proper ASEPTIC conditions and above all, the SUBSIDIZED rates, as the authorities are well aware of the fact that their primary clients are students, who are NOT earning members of society, so they are trying their level best to charge as MINIMUM as possible.

I have chosen this topic because some of the naughty students are often found complaining about services here in The FANTABULOUS Cafe of H-12. Let me show them the bright side of the picture. So follow me….



This café is providing the boys with the facility which no one else can (here in H-12) i.e SMOKING 😀 , which is prohibited in NUST premises (at least in rules). But they can smoke freely, fully, Inside, outside, here, there, ever where, in every corner, in every canopy as they know that no one can question them here (thanks to the owner).


Girlz can learn the importance of cleanliness that is MAINTAINED here. One can NOT find even a single spot or DIRTY table. The chairs are NEAT & properly CLEANED, hygienic conditions of kitchen & juice corner are AMAZING. Girls do not feel the need to carry mirrors in their bags due to crystal clear shiny floor & doors serving the purpose.

Time management:

This magnificent café has made students realize the importance of time which, by the way, the sayings of THE GREATS regarding its importance couldn’t do. One can give his order, then he can take a long peaceful nap or visit his friends residing in far away lands, or can even die and let me assure you, when ever he is back, (even on dooms day), there will be ’BUS 10 MINUTE’ left in the finishing of his order.


Some students complain about the taste. Well, let me tell you the logic behind the taste of the food served. If they make food delicious, students will eat eagerly and limitlessly, which will ultimately make them fat and lazy, and that is what the authorities do not want. They want to see NUSTIANs slim, smart and active and that is why they don’t ever let taste penetrate into the food made for you. Their slogan is EAT TO LIVE 🙂 , DO NOT LIVE TO EAT….

Nature friendly:

The environment and conditions here are especially favorable for the growth of microorganisms, flies and mosquitoes, and if they keep moving with the same pace, they will be having their own zoo soon (mice /rats can be imported from Fatima hostels as well).

True beauty:

Just imagine you are sitting in the canopy with your friends, cool breeze is blowing and you are about to have a bite of your zinger, meanwhile just to make your moment memorable, a BUTTER FLY 🙂 (housefly dripping in butter from the dustbins) comes and sits on your zinger, moves towards your hand, shoulder, neck, chin, and……… ahhh, you managed to close your mouth before the entry!!! A smile comes on your face (to hide the embarrassment) and your friends laugh as well. The fly adds melody and makes the moment special with its dance.

So tell me guyz, isn’t it a real sacred work that the café is doing for you? Can you enjoy such moments anywhere else? NO, not at all!! It is this café, which really has added color in the rough and tough life, here in H-12.


Just see how WELL the cafe is adding to the functional efficiency of the university with its all HIGH quality services. See how SPACIOUS it is (spacing between the tables is ideally MORE than that of an ordinary restaurant), look at its ACOUSTIC DESIGN (which MINIMISES the noise level), and then there are other attributes, such as QUICK BILLING, SELF SERVICE etc etc. The benefits that the café is providing can not be covered in a single article; you can even write an encyclopedia on it. For now, let me finish with the bottom-line: CAFÉ ROCKS…LOVE CAFÉ…PROMOTE CAFÉ…

Courtesy Reporting,

Anam Farhan – NCVI

Happens to be the Founding Director of this Magazine, a graduate from National University of Sciences and Technology. My favourite areas of blogging are Technology and Education. You can find me on facebook, twitter or you can directly email me at nouman [at]

22 Comments to Its Cafe Again – Promotion? Ehh!!

  1. Anam Rathor


    A little exagerated…



  2. Anam farhan

    people!!kindly use antonyms of the capitalized words while comprehending…
    this will help u grasping the real idea…

  3. Omer A Rehman

    well written, Lets hope k seecs cafeteria would be different then current nbs cafe, as far as quality and price is concerned !!! 🙂

  4. blue moon

    Its more dn optimistic view f d cafe…if u r livig in d fool's paradise go n visit cafe for urself…

    By d way dun tk it serious its a sarcastic article…Gud one…:)

  5. lol but if has it been Bahhu without a Saas then most girls would hv accepted it with immense pleasure 😀

  6. Usman Zafar

    What is interesting to see is that almost everyone hates the cafe . Ant yet I donot see any change coming . Where does the problem lie ?

  7. Haha. Really loved it. Seriously with such a big university how can one imagine such an inefficient cafe where the staff takes hours to pour one spoon of salan carefully in the plate when you are waiting for him to finish with your chit in your hand and 20 more students behind you. Maybe sometime the rector should himself come to the cafe to have a taste of the services the university provides to the students and then i probably think he’ll be a regular.

  8. Usman Zafar

    they are just gonna renew the contract …..thr guy is the son in law of some dg as far as I have heard…..

  9. nice one! spicy sarcasm!

    i heard NUST's contract with lil wings is ending soon…lets jus wish they hire some one new this tyme

  10. shoot!!!
    maybe rector wd have listened,if majority students complained abt it.
    but they all will b gone hope

  11. Anam farhan

    @ Anam,i wish u cud LUV ur cafe,if u ever get a chance 2 be in hostel n rely wholly & solely upon the food made in this ULTIMATE CAFE… 🙁

  12. N d gud part abt ds story z dt ds EFFICIENT staff of lil wings works inside d gulz hstl as well…nw u cn imagine y gulz dun hv food in deir mess n go to cafe…bt tragedy f life…u hv to c d same BEAUTIFUL faces f d lil wings staff dere….:@

  13. Very insightful! I agree to bits about the insects and micrflora; NCVI doesn't need to go far for its animal model needs. 😛

  14. asad mahsood khan

    i think reporter should include poondee in boyz section .
    it hink best poondee in the nust is in the nbs cafe.

  15. SEECSonian

    Hope 4 the best prepared 4 the worst, we r helpless…


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