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Farewell, MCS


The final exams of the last semester of BESE-12 ended on 21st June, 2010. When I first joined MCS, I had this impression of a strict, military institution where there are a lot of rules and mcs momentsrestrictions. And I was right but I can also say that I spent some of the best and most enjoyable moments of my life during these four years. I met people who grew to be my best friends and had the most fun ever. The classes were tough and. in the case of Dr. Saeed, strict as well but even then, in those serious classes we almost always managed to find an area of interest or enjoyment. I still remember that in the earlier semesters during particularly boring classes, we, sitting in the third row, made small paper balls and used to throw them on our friends sitting in the rows in front of us whenever the teacher  wasn’t looking. Getting ragged was also an experience in itself, but our seniors became good friends and helpers to us, and then ragging our juniors who grew to be our good friends. Also, the way in which the entire class coordinated in case of a quiz, the trend was particularly alarming in the final semester (to the teachers i.e.), the way the entire class got together in our class or in the lab (to the annoyance of the other people who were working there unlike us) to coordinate and do the assignment just before it was to be submitted, getting stressed and haggard from organizing functions or parties and still having an absolutely wonderful time, the Ladies’ function in these four years, enjoying all the treats, making spontaneous plans to go to Cinepax or McDonalds because of no classes, bunking classes, going to the girls’ café for the ‘nutritious’ lunch on the menu, taking lots and lots of random photo shots in the final semester, having a different colour every day for a week, in the final weeks of the final semester, in which all the girls of the course wore clothes  of that colour, having a party to celebrate the end of our classes, and then another random one after the last exam etc. We were really glad when our final exam finished but we are still going to miss the ‘ancient’ exam hall, with its creaking tables and chairs and old and slow fans which do nothing to protect us from the excruciating heat, where we spent some of our worst times in the college. This is just a small glimpse of what we experienced in our four years at this college, and this experience will continue till our final presentations in July. I didn’t realize when I joined this college that I was going to feel this at the end of my degree but I can safely say that I’m going to miss this college and my class a lot.

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