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7th June 2010 ,

First of all, this probably will be my last post .(at most one more will come)

This post will have some recommendations,answers and questions for all the people related to NUST .

So lets get started !

To all the girls out there .

Why do you  always have to  talk in english ? ( an enigma I could never solve )

To people doing BIT (bacheolars of information technology)

Why do your jokes always have a “dot com” in them.

To people doing BICSE ( Bacheolars of information communication system)

Congrats . After four years of living in shame , it would seem that your job prospects are much better than ours.

To BEE ( Electronics Engineers)

All hail the “elite” minds of H-12.

To the shawarma guy at the cafe .

Please , Please ,Please ,PLEASE  , try to resist giving shawarma to girls and give some to boys. Otherwise we will have to wait years just to get one .  😉

To all the security guards of NUST.

I beg you , stop the stripsearch . Treat us as humans !

To all the Cafeteria staff .

Stop killing us .

To the paradise cafeteria staff .

Sir , khana banaya karein , tel (oil) nahee.

To all the boys out there .

SADA awaits you . 😉 Aur haan jeans uper karlo .

To all my enemies .

“You may hate me . You may kill me , but you may never insult me ” Jack sparrow , sorry , Captain Jack sparrow.

To all my friends . (Deep thinker Society 😉 )

“We are the chosen ones. We are the holy ones. Time for us to raise a king.”

To all my lovers .

I was never arrogant . I did look at you , but “perhaps” I was shy . Forgive me , truly, but perhaps it just wasnt meant to be. 😉


You my friend have a great platform over here. Its time to think big and make meaning .Who knows you might create your very own facebook one day !


Make us proud with your characteristic habits and actions . 😉


Ironically you people need to  get CIVILised.


If it wasnt for you , H-12  would have been a barren piece of land  for us seecsters. Plus the cafeteria would have been bankrupt long ago. Thanks and  Oh , a little less makeup would suffice. ( The advice is opposite for girls of SEECS)


Hopefully you guys will stick with your DG this time .


Are you sure you are in H-12 ?


First it was NCVI ,then came in CAMP and RCMS . When the hell are you gonna get your own darn building ?

About me

Name : Usman Zafar

Nick :    Sutta

Merit Number (very important for NUST) : SAT basis

Registration Number : 160


Institute : SEECS

Id Cards :

And Finally Me !

And  a load of thanks to you all for reading  this all .

You can follow me at my blog , if you never   I mean  ever wish to hear about me in the future.

And here is one final song for all of you !

Aakhree Alvida

I love you NUST-SEECS , I always have , I always will .

Farewell Message

“Love All , trust a few ”

This is Usman Zafar

Reporting his last report for I R NUSTIAN

Usman Zafar

You can know more about me at my blog :

49 Comments to Confessions.

  1. Anam Rathor

    @ Usman…..

    ur question: WHY DO V TALK IN ENGLISH????

    Welll….. The school that em frm… v were actually FINED for speakin in urdu.. So speakin in english iz more ov a habit.. Nothin else! ! ! !

    Hopefully ur ENIGMA iz solved! ! !

  2. Usman Zafar

    @ Anam

    Such is the sorry state of Pakistani schools , where they are destroying their own language by their own very hands.


    "Tumhaari Tehzeeb Apne Khanjar Se Aap Hi Khudkashi Karegi;

    Jo Shaakh-e-Naazuk Pe Aashiyana Banega Na-Payedaar Hoga.

    Your civilization will commit suicide with its own knife;

    The nest built on the weak branch will not be permanent, stable."

    Waisay school kaun sa thaa ?

  3. Anam Rathor

    Its a really GOOOOOD school and i LUV it!

    And if ill name it, toh us par phir COMMENTZZZZ….. So…. CNT SAY! ! ! 😛

  4. Usman Zafar

    Sometimes we like something because its just "cool" to be like that . But in reality we are destroying our identity slowly but surely!

    I curse my school to this very day , because my urdu is no where near what it should have been .

    Unless we realize , we cant change .

  5. @usman

    nah! no sweat …it ws fun in its own way lol

    (galz jaldi maaf b kar deti hain :P)

    nyways we'll miss ur posts at ir nustian…they did inspire us (in many ways)

  6. hhahaha bro its really nice post…:)
    atleast u solved my “ENIGMA” about BICSE..:P

    n bro v r trying to introduce a new society to nice pretty much similar to LUMUN..

  7. Usman Zafar

    Chalo its nice to see people striving for change . I hope you people do better then LUMUN.

  8. Nicely written, being a NBS-ian i thought of sayin sumthn abt the grl-makeup thng thn thought…sahi hee tu kaha apne

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