A Bittersweet Journey @ NBS

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Having spent almost three years here at NBS, I have an opulence of memories to look back at. A couple of crushes, cherished friendships, valued inspirations and shattered ego ideals. Yes, all of it comes in a package. When one looks back at the three years spent in the premises of this budding institution, it becomes extremely difficult not to feel nostalgia and schmaltz. This place made people learn a plethora of life lessons, some with relative ease and others with bitter harshness and heartbreak. We’ve developed affiliations here that are probably going to stay with us for the rest of our lives, through thick and thin and I have little doubt about that. Polished and refined by the near perfect pedagogy, I’ll leave this place, once-called-home, in a year to deal with the realities of the corporate world on my own. What I’ll carry with myself however, would be an esteemed expereince – A retrospection of the sleepless nights spent working on final projects, deadlines missed by minutes, group studying sessions and presentations executed flawlessly. From the poorly organized movie nights to fabulous fashion shows, I have seen it all and loved it. I learnt to handle the transition, from a mediocre, split by the road, Lalkurti campus to the world class campus at H12 and I learnt to own it with as much esteem as the place where I enrolled at the start of my degree. Unknowingly, each moment spent here became a part of my being. It’s a part of who I am today and I am so proud of that.

However, as a normal human being, exercising the defence mechanisms like denial, repression and suppression, we all have a tendency to unconsciously or consciously chop off the unpleasant and painful experiences from our truckload of memories. At this particular point in time, due to situational factors, denial is going to prove to be a death pill for us. The first step to change is to recognize the fact that faults and flaws exist and there is a NEED to change. The darkness that exists cannot be ignored and the mantra of ‘ALL IS WELL’ is not gonna work here, unfortunately. The reputation that we have so far been able to carve out for NBS is far from that of an institution that produces well groomed leaders. Our ethical considerations are limited to inculcating a single course on business ethics in the final semester. Our moral values shine so shamefully bright when students slip out of classes after getting their attendance marked. All our performance standards go down the drain when professors degrade the toppers in classrooms, to emphasize that learning is key, GPA is not. What needs to be degraded is the trend to get higher grades through unethical practices, not the GPA.

Flaunting our world ranking as an answer to all this is definitely not going to help. Dirty politics is one thing that is more rampant here than leadership skills and bureaucracy is still stifling the structural changes that have been implemented, which implies that there’s a dire need for change – A drastic one. We gasconade to be better than FAST and IBA, and at par with LUMS and we have never, even once, organized events like business idea competitions which match their caliber. Our military backing and governmental support are not going to solve our problems and we need to realize the fact.

Yes, I’m bitter and cynical and that’s not because I’ve been a victim of such practices. It’s because I see the darkness around myself and I somehow fail to ignore it. It’s because I love this place and I know it has the potential to be a lot more than what it has been allowed to be, so far. This is not a lackadaisical call for change, which would die down with the ruthlessness of passing time. I demand change, as a RIGHT, because this is the place that I call home.

Ayesha Arshad

I'm in my third year of Bachelors at Nust Business School and i have a flair for writing, apart from music, movies and finance. It's an honor for me to be representing NBS on this platform and You'll be receiving a lot of updates from my side about what goes around on the NBS campus.

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  1. Usama Shahid Khan

    I agree with you cent percent. I being a SEECS guy realized in my 2nd year that NBS was the place I should have been in. But then I met some of the NBS guys and they portrayed the same picture that you are. And then I thought that no great damage done after all. Although I still feel that NBS is grooming its students in the way they should be and no doubt our NBS guys are just as good as any student from FAST, IBA or LUMS, I still feel that there are a LOT of things that can be improved.
    Coming to your point of organizing a share of reputed events/competitions (e.g. Business Idea Competition), I feel that NBS guys are not serious in organizing these kind of activities in NUST even though they are the first ones to participate in almost every other competition, be it PTC’s Battle of Minds, Mobilink Business Plan Competition, KAPLAN competition or Telenor’s Karo Mumkin initiative. I happen to say this because I have seen the level of participation and motivation in NBS students in the recently (still on-going) IBA’s INVENT competition. I being a SEECS student should be proud that SEECS had more teams participating than NBS, yet at the same time I feel really disappointed that NBS students didn’t come in and work together with us for a greater cause: NUST outshining all other universities in the said competition. The disappointment didn’t end here. Our worthy teacher along with Mr. Azhar Rizvi (VP MITEFP) formed a NUST Entrepreneurship Society and to my utter disappointment, there were hardly 5 students present in the introductory session. And guess what, SEECS students (with exams only a day away) who participated were 25 in number. So, NBS students wake up and OWN what is yours. We are ready to support you in every good initiative that you take coz let’s face it, you DO need us(by us I mean all other NUSTIANS) to provide you with technical expertise in your activities.
    That all being said, I feel that NBS students will make a positive change in the coming days and will obviously be working for the greater good and improve the place that we all call home: NUST.

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