… And I applied for a scholarship program!

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(This is a true story. Seriously.)

The story began one fine day when a friend of mine told me that he had something to show me. Interestingly, I asked for ‘that’ something to be unveiled. No, no, it wasn’t something huge – or even big or extra-ordinary. Rather it was a small, teeny weeny newspaper advertisement for a scholarship program. Keeping in consideration the fact that since times immemorial, I’ve had a dream to avail such an opportunity, I, smilingly, decided to apply for the program. What followed – well, that’s the real story.

The program required us to nominate ourselves for it through our university. Also, only three students could be nominated by each university. Nominations followed interviews and interviews – well, they followed selection of the final candidates for the program. Result was to be announced in a few days time period.

For my nomination, I stood (not literally) outside the Dean’s office for hours and hours at stretch. His PA would always turn me away saying that the Dean’s busy in one meeting or the other. And, sadly, I never got to meet him regarding the program.

Just as when I was about to give up – like a ray of light in pitch darkness – I came to know that it’s actually the Coordinator Industrial Linkages at NBS who handled such matters. I went to him right away. A two minute conversation with him revealed that three students from NBS had already been selected. Surprisingly, he didn’t let me down. It was eventually decided that four names, including mine, from NBS would be sent for nomination. I was asked to fill in my application form at the eleventh hour, which I did. At that time, I’d a class. I didn’t want to bunk the whole of it (in fear of a surprise quiz) and the forum was filled in haste.

Since the submission of my form, I checked my email, eagerly waiting for to be contacted. It went on for six days. I’d open my inbox; apparently give a good look to it and, disappointingly, logout.

Blunder No. 1: I’d actually been emailed. Three days after the submission of my forum, to be exact. The email was there – yes, right there, but I never noticed it. WEIRD! It can’t get weirder – but, well, it did!

Blunder No. 2: I was called regarding the interview, but considering it a prank call, I never bothered to call back. I even have a feeling that I cancelled the calls – considering them prank calls, of course, as I said before.

Blunder No. 3: I gave an invalid contact number on the form. I only came to know of it when I actually came to know of the email I’d received; that happened seven days after the submission of the form and that was the day, the result regarding the selection of the students for the program was to be announced.

To put it simply, I gave an invalid contact number. Actually, I forgot to include the final digit out of the seven digits which make my cell number. Somehow, they got to know of my correct cell number and I was called. I didn’t pick up. I didn’t call back. And for seven days, I’d that email… right there, right infront of me, in my inbox, and I didn’t notice it.


Momal Mushtaq

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  1. that’s a lesson for all those conservative girls out there… We know our society has been an idiot… but trust me when u come to approach opportunities equally with men, u have to pace equally too…. in my opinion it was well justified… Tit for tat 😛

  2. @Osama: The text doesn’t suggest the conservativeness of the author – however, you’re free to form opinions 🙂

  3. Aeishah Arshad

    I think he was just referring to not receiving calls from an unknown number. I used to do that too, but when you're using your cell number for professional purposes or giving it on admission forms etc, thats one thing you should never do. Just understand the trade off.

  4. What is forum in this article? Are you referring to application form or it something else beyond my knowledge?

  5. Thank you for the wishes and appreciation 😛

    @Aeishah: Exactly! But the reason behind not-attending-those-calls can be other arguments just as much as it could be conservativeness. The text doesn't explicitly deliver the conservativeness of the author 🙂

    @AG Rana: That's application form. Thanks for pointing it out; I've elaborated and corrected in the text as well 🙂

  6. Umar Farooq

    @M.M it happened before the tVoY scene started? also i would be pleased to know your source of inspiration for launching "OurCommunity"

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