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May 2010 ,

Whenever its 12 :50 pm at SEECS , a large crowd of hungry scavengers storms the fabled “little wings” (commonly known as NBS ) cafeteria . This small piece of land situated ideally between a number of schools , is the favourite hangout of Day Scholars , hostelites and any other person whose taste buds have been burnt ,tortured and smoked !  Yup , this infamous cafeteria is famous , profitable yet defies logic with its revolutionary business model .

Being a final year student at SEECS and studying entrepreneurship we were  told to identify a problem and work over it to solve it . We came up with a range of business models for our product. But  after witnessing the amount of unfathomable profit being  gulped up by this cafe we were shocked ,astonished and shocked again. How can you convince a person to eat “Trash” and take his money at the same time.  Such entrepreneurial skills are the “dream” of every greedy entrepreneur out there. But where others have failed , NBS cafe has succeeded.

When you enter this eating hell  , on the right you see a big board with deals/pictures of zingers,shakes,pizzas and blah blah blah.  Yet when you order any of it , they come in a form in  stark contrast  to the picture on the board. They come from a “extremely hygienic”  kitchen to you , but as soon as it gets to you , it  appears as if someone has pressed, stepped spitted on the food as it was being served to you. Thats not all , everything is guaranteed to be much affordable . Yup it sure is affordable but not from Pakistan’s point of view , perhaps Japan’s  😉 .  Yet the beauty lies in the fact that the profits are getting higher and higher . This conundrum has perhaps puzzled the brightest of the bright . Yet the fact is it is nothing else but the “congregation of the sexes” that has lured student after student towards this utterly despicable place.

Whats more interesting is that the girls(hostelites) have to eat this all night ,all semester long .Yet those poor , pitiful beings silently eat ,eat and eat without raising a finger. This obviously does contribute to my theory that women are “programmable” but lets leave that for another day 😉 .

For now lets celebrate this innovative business model , to which we the students of NUST have succumbed.

Cheers  Everyone

Usman Zafar


Usman Zafar

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7 Comments to The “little Wings”(NBS) Cafeteria

  1. I would have a bone to pick with our honorable reporter that he didn't mentioned ours i.e. guys performance over the issues. We too have been silent, sluggish and not to dare folks regarding the much celebrated cafe. If the students have been sensible enough, the cafe would have improved over the two years time period 🙁

  2. @Osama,

    I personally know a lot of guys who reached out to people in authoritative positions . These guys were threatened,humiliated and some were expelled on a false pretext .That is how the army in general replies to "rebellion" . They destroy the enemy shamelessly , so that no one else even thinks about it.

    We came to know that these "cafes" were given to "friends" of "certain people" and thus the thought of kicking these guys out is synonymous to living in a fool's paradise .

  3. that's what I heard too and truly that's how admin has been with us..hope things will get better with Maj. Messaq's departure…anyway happy engineering Usman.. wish u better luck with cafes in future 😛

  4. Usama Hamayun

    I hv actually come up with an alternate option i.e. to use Roomi hostel’s cafes for lunch although its a bit far from SCME but the food is worth it!!!

  5. Usman Zafar

    Interestingly you like the food of rumi hostels which in all sincerity we (hostelites) despise equally. Never the less its five percent better than little wings i guess.

  6. MUzaffar

    everyone in seecs is desperately waiting for the seecs cafe to open.its building is complete but still it is not operational.It gets really hard to go to NBS safe from SEECS in this hot weather.

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