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Quite A lot In A Few Hours!!!


Today,7th of May 2010 was quite a happening day……..infact pretty interesting as well.

For starters 33rd MBBS course was all flabbergasted with their vivas and practicals……the usual hustle and bustle of exams…..and questions like did you do this topic, do you know the answer to this question and what not.

But things started to become interesting when everyone came to know that today we were to give the official “AMCOLIAN STYLE” farewell to our principal Maj.Gen Naeem ( well former principal now).

Theres obviously the usual tea break and then the fun begins…..a band walking in front and the principal and his driver in his jeep but engine is not running and all officers including the new principal Mj.Gen Shahida, who happens to be the first female principal of AMC, push the jeep out of the campus with students dancing behind…band keeps on playing and the faculty especially the younger lot of officers join the dancing cadets with principal’s jeep being pushed continuously towards the gate and finally the procession halts at the gate and former principal leaves for the last time as principal of AMC!!!

At the same time AYUB AUDITORIUM  came alive with cheering and hooting as amcolians disclosed their talents in “Krash Kart”, a musical event arranged well actually a proper concert arranged with singers and musicians from our college. Main participation was from 30th,31st and 34th MBBS courses as 32nd and 33rd MBBS courses are still trapped in the whirlpool of exams…(ALLAH help them!!!).All songs were played or/and sung very well and brought quite a few people to lime light.Talents were finally displayed and some startling talented discoveries were made.

Not only it was a musical event but also graphics from Arts and Graphics Competition 2010 were finally shown and much appreciated by the audience….where some brought tears to our eyes there were others that we had to grab our seats to save ourselves from rolling over laughing….all videos were well presented and the ideas and themes were really nice as judged by the audiences’s cheering.

So all in all it was quite a happening day…..exams,farewell,concert and videos all delivered in a single package!!!

Reporting from AMC

Nida Zubair.

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2 Responses to “Quite A lot In A Few Hours!!!

  1. Murtaza
    May 8, 2010 at 1:08 am #

    thats really good to knw.. but a bit sad that we missed it. i'm sure that pushing of car and dancingw as fun

  2. Bilal
    May 8, 2010 at 9:14 am #

    there has to be some emotions involved with ex-P leaving…why people grow out of emotions in army 😀

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