Give Earth a Chance!

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Earth has been our abode for eons but the future of it remaining so seems grim when we analyze the fact that its inhabitants, have begun to slowly spread the poison in its veins by activities so diverse and magnanimous in nature that the United Nations has dedicated conferences and representatives to find solutions.

It is our capability of thinking and logic as human beings that at this time obligates us to ask ourselves if this is our homage and pay-back to the beautiful planet that has provided us with so much in return for so little?

Today; as we deplete and destroy the resources of the earth by looting and plundering of natural reserves, disturbing the ecosystem and polluting amongst other habitual tendencies and political motives we must recognize the consequences that have already started to appear like an ominous cloud over mankind.

As our time to combat environmental evils like global warming gradually slips out of our fingers, the dirge over human losses has started to play and the world is waiting for people to change.

And within Pakistan it is unto us, the nations brightest to lead the way!

There are a number of significant environmental problems that need to be dealt within Pakistan at war footings such as loss of forest cover, air pollution, water pollution, overpopulation, erosion of soil, climate change, global warming, destruction of biodiversity, diminishing natural resources.

Keeping all this in mind, establishment of an Earth Society is in progress in H 12 Campus. Earth Society is to provide Nustians a platform to do their part in saving the environment and in return saving themselves. The society plans to
1) increase student awareness on environmental issues,
2) provide opportunities for students to become directly involved in a variety of projects related to the environment,
3) empower students to take action and work toward building a sound environmental ethic,
4) initiate waste paper recycling,
5) eliminate/reduce the use of plastic bags .
6)Awareness of water conservation among students at H-12 campus.
7)Develop water conservation and water resource strategies for H-12 campus.

The mission is to facilitate the university in producing not just better scholars but model citizens who are aware of their duties towards the environment. Stay tuned for more news!

Seemal Mushtaq

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  1. @mohsin: Membership will be launched in all schools of NUST H-12 in the next sem inshAllah! You can join then 🙂

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