Final Year Project Presentations at EME

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Its time at EME for the seniors to show up with a glimpse of what they have done in 4 years…. It’s the FYP presentations. They are on from Tuesday, May 25, 2010.

This time all of the departments did or are going to do some novel thing.  They long awaited moments became a reality for the Mechanical department on 25 but unfortunately they were postponed and rescheduled. At the mid of the day the faculty realized something and rescheduled calling to bring the presentations ‘up to the mark’. The electrical department held the event for two days, the first day at two separate locations and finally some really heavy weight projects the final day in front of the whole faculty. It was a real deal standing and facing the entire faculty though being the first day seemed bit tougher.
Presentations and demonstrations for the Computers and Mechatronics departments are soon going to take place. Wish you people all the best 

Abdullah Ishtiaq

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