6th EME Alumni Reunion 2010

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group of students from D.E 27

The sixth annual Alumni reunion was held at COLLEGE OF E & ME NUST,  on 1st May 2010. It was not just a reunion of individuals but a reunion of happy memories, unforgettable moments, and a treasured past. The air was eccentric, environment electric and people nostalgic.

The gathering formally started with the  address of President Alumni, in which he highlighted the Alumni Scholarship program which has proved extremely valuable for many deserving students. Many Alumni members shared their practical experiences and gave valuable tips and suggestions to the graduating batch. The session was followed by a lavish dinner and a SPAL (Society of Promotion of Arts and Literature) event.

The post dinner event was an exciting affair as it brought on stage, the glimpses of, all the major events that  EME had conducted in the past year. Around 450 attendants  were left spellbounded after the event for it brought back a plethora of eventful memories and a chance to meet their old buddies.



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