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SEECS Scavenger Hunt !


April 16th Friday ,

SEECS authorities tried the umpteenth time to  light up the atmosphere over here with their all conquering (considered by them , not me!) mega event  , SEECS Scavenger Hunt . But like everything else over here , it turned out to be good enjoyment for the feminist/womanish crowd  . But for folks like me , it turned out to be just ” another ” day.  A scavenger hunt  for ,those who maynot  know , is “a game in which individuals or teams seek to gather a number of specific items — usually without purchasing them” (wikipedia)

Interestingly though the mega prize for this megaevent  was a trip to monal !  That sounds terrific , doesnt  it ?  But the dark side to this is that resources were collected from students to organize this and only a hand few were told to enjoy.  This philosophy ,often implemented by SEECS , of gathering resources from the students (spending zilch themselvs) and rewarding the few winners contradicts the  very concept of a student body made for the students.  People need to look at examples like LUMUN , who gather enough sponsors to make it a free ride for their students.HOWEVER , the event went on and five places were assigned to all the teams . Every individual section of every individual class had a team except for the obvious unlucky final year students ,who were again barred . ( Personal grudge with final year students? MAYBE ) . At the end, an amount of 50,000 was collected and spent on five teams who won from the five different venues and were taken to monal . The organizers were given another free treat ( as usual)  and everyone  thanked them for the “wonderful” event organized by them .

I do personally believe  that its about time that we differentiate schools form universities. The other day I got an invitation for a LGS organized play at convention center . LGS is a school , and we are a university with an image that stands alongside the best in Pakistan.

Sadly though, perceptions can be deceiving ,as is the case here  .

Usman Zafar


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  1. Bilal
    April 23, 2010 at 2:35 am #

    well said Usman…If one want to enjoy at uni./campus level it's next to impossible unfortunately and it appears that there are no chances of change too 🙁

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