SEECS Mid – Defense

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23rd April Friday,

This week ,and the previous one for that matter, all the final year students were busy  in shielding their dignity from their advisors . Yup, it was mid-defense time for final year students  which in easy words  means they were “defending” their final year projects from the ever frightening  questions  of faculty members .  This whole act of defending  is actually a dignity sucking act  , at the end of which you feel that you could have not been more humiliated.  However , these grueling sessions of pain eventually did end and it was party time from there on .

With just  one and a half months to go   , many of us are  starting to wonder  , what now ? where do we go from here ? Its looking like another tough j0urney ahead but whatever happens we will always remember these 4 years ,whether good or bad , as an experience  that did change us for the better .


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