NUST Students Design Country First Ever Hybrid Car

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Well its a big news for us. A group of Eleven Mechanical Engineers from E&ME College are participating in the upcoming Eco-Shell Marathon in July 2010.  Pak-Wheelers (Team’s Name) are making Pakistan’s First ever hybrid car. The Event will feature around 100 teams from all over Asia competing for the top spot. We all know what the winning criteria is don’t we? Well for those of you who don’t know its that the team which gets the best mileage in a litre of fuel wins. Their Design is complete, but the body is left. Its a very realistic idea so best of luck guys. Make us all proud.

NUST Students in Tribune Express News paper 26 April.

One of their team Member Added.

“For some teams its a car, for some teams is a project but for us its an ideology, an ideology to prove that Pakistan can be constructive.”

Very Well Said indeed.


Umar Sharif,

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  1. m.mohsin tariq

    great effort from EME and PNEC….

    i think PNEC team participated last year as well…..

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