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Fun-fair from Rubble!!!


March 29th,2010;

AMC had its fun-fair after a million years….though as the BSUO would like to say ”’for the first time in the history of AMC”. Everything was taken care of to utmost perfection…arrangements made were simply impressive…you name it and it was there…each entry with its specific taste and offers…environment  and the aura of the whole setting screamed FUN.

Preparations for the event had been going on for weeks…whole college enveloped in the essence of a fun-filled activity and a break from the dull routine……and finally came the day after much arguments with administration and two cancellation orders (hats off to the appointments)…but alas on the very day we were hit by a hail storm.The bright sky, in fact the scorching sun was in no time hidden by the black clouds and it began raining like it never rained..sky all grey at four in the afternoon…and to add to the misery hail found its way to AMC and lo and behold the whole setting was destroyed..weeks of preparations were nothing more than a mud puddle and a great a monetary loss to add…

And nothing more could be done except a sad smiley text message to day-scholars….. but then things changed and from the catastrophe rubble, a fun fair was arranged in crush hall and the vicinity where its seems utterly impossible to fit all five entries but still it was there and thoroughly enjoyed.

It was supposed to be divided in four enclaves, FAUJI, DESI, PARDESI and ARABIAN but obviously as things didn’t go as planned so students wearing costumes representing a certain enclave were the only thing that depicted the idea.Various activities especially to hit G-II (a picture of a much hated training officer now ALHAMDULILLAH posted in wana), gaming, jail,requests, pigeons etc were the few lucky ones that were salvaged from the catastrophe site and obviously as south-Asians are known for food, the eatable stalls were a big hit as they were also the only things that didn’t have to face the fate of stalls like Arabian nights,zabardasti mehndi and the like which actually weren’t anything but a mud puddle after the hail storm.And funnily enough as soon as arrangements were made indoors the sun mockingly started smiling at us but still it was a memorable day for all amcolians marking the official end of sports week 2010.


Nida Zubair.


..where the words speak!

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2 Responses to “Fun-fair from Rubble!!!

  1. Bilal
    April 18, 2010 at 6:42 am #

    lolz:D…messing up with admin and winning ultimately is something very hectic to achieve so thumbs up;)…ur juniors sure'll be highly grateful to u for this:D

  2. Murtaza
    May 8, 2010 at 1:15 am #

    was a great day in deed.

    As our beloved VP said that MOTHER nature strike and day really proved life goes on no matter what.

    and yeah funfair to rubble and from rubble to fun-fair again.

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