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2nd Career Counseling Meet 2010 in NUST PNEC Karachi

Saturday, April 24, 2010
11:00am – 3:30pm


After the mega success of the first ever Career Counseling Meet 2009 at Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC), The IEEE-PNEC Student Branch is planning to conduct The 2nd Career Counseling Meet 2010 on 24th April 2010 at PNEC with the Vision and Spirits of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan (NUST).

Here organizations will have the opportunity to represent their industries and interact with the future gurus and pundits of the industry. They will also have the opportunity for head hunting of the opportunities in their organizations with the graduating engineers.

The goal of the said event is to nurture and flourish the interviewing skills of the students for upcoming opportunities of internships or jobs and future endeavors. Despite tough time for many technology sectors, amid this doom and gloom lurk a few sparkling nuggets of opportunity—some that actually credit their potential to the economic malaise, currently sweeping the globe. It is also desired that students should be able to unearth these nuggets of opportunity; and prepare themselves accordingly.

The tentative plan of the event is as follows:

1100 Tilawat
1105 Welcome Address by the Chair IEEE PNEC
1110 Inauguration Address of Chief Guest
1120 Preliminary Speech 1
1145 Preliminary Speech 2
1210 Preliminary Speech 3

1235 Preliminary Speech 4
1340 Prayers/Lunch
1405 Preliminary Speech 5
1430 Preliminary Speech 6

1455 Preliminary Speech 7
1520 Closing Address by Chief Guest 2
1525 Token of Thanks by Branch Counselor
1530 Tea Break
1550 Interview Sessions

Abdullah Naeem (PNEC)
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